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Pet Care and Training 101: Basic Puppy Toilet Training Tips

The joy of having a new friend following the arrival of your puppy or older dog in your home is usually reduced by the realization that you have to train your dog to cohabit with you conveniently. Of course, it can be quite an issue if you are inexperienced as most new dog owners are most likely to be. Dog training and pet care essential demands like pet drying mitts and others are just as important as informed knowledge on dog training.


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Below are some tips to help you keep out the frustrating experience of those who tried to train their dogs without some basic dog training information:


1. Arrange for the first dog training session to take place immediately you bring the puppy or an adult dog home. Let the dog realize immediately that living with you demands that commands be obeyed. Do not let a day or more pass before you do the first dog training session.


2. Keep a crate ready before you bring home your puppy or dog. Put it in the crate at the end of the very first training session. Begin puppy control in your house that way. The crate provides for your dog the feeling of being in its natural den as in the wild. Crates come handy for taking your puppy to the vet or if you have to move house.


Having said all that about the crate, do not make your puppy or dog feel that the crate is a confinement of sorts. Under no circumstance should you lock up your dog in the crate for more than 4 hours at a time. Doing that would encourage your puppy or dog to defecate in the crate. A very bad habit that is usually very hard to change. Dogs including puppies do their business within four hours of every day.


3. Recognize that your puppy will have the need for a toilet when it feels like it without telling you to take it out to the toilet. It is your duty to observe it and get used to its toilet habits so that you can help your dog to recognize its designated toilet. If you don’t, it will defecate wherever nature calls. Your puppy or dog will likely defecate after playing hard, waking up from sleep or after a meal. Aside from that, you can buy pet drying mitts or dog drying gloves from Siccaro (check their selections here: for easier bathing or washing equipment.


4. If you want a well-behaved dog, do not exhibit anger in its presence. Dogs are sensitive animals, they react to your countenance, tone of voice and general deportment. This is much more important during dog training sessions – there must be no hint of anger or exasperation on your part. A fearful dog will learn next to no commands at all. Create a sense of chumminess that spreads positive vibes for the dog to pick and so be in a better frame of mind to absorb your commands.


5. If your dog is not acquired for security purposes, which requires a different type of dog training, your dog or puppy should be encouraged to socialize. Aside from the routine dog training, your puppy needs to play in order to get its natural exercises necessary for being fit and healthy. You can schedule a one hour walk and half an hour play time for your dog according to your free time or get someone in the household to take charge of this for the mutual benefit of both the dog and your family. The dog can be taken out to meet with other dogs and interact with people so as to limit its aggressive tendencies, which is usually made potent by isolation.




Walking with your dog three times a day for at least 10 minutes and scheduling a half hour or an hour of play every day will keep your puppy healthy and happy. Going to dog parks and having your dog socialize with other dogs and people will prevent your puppy from


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